You Can Die If You Eat This

There are lots of different foods that we take for granted and just eat. Because if you didn’t get sick or die the first time, you definitely won’t die this time right? But eater beware. There are actually quite a few different foods that you can really die from eating – bet you didn’t know that.

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You Can Die If You Eat ThisCookie DoughYour parents always told you that eating cookie dough was dangerous for you because of the raw eggs. But heavy lifters eat raw eggs for protein, so it must be okay for you to eat too right? Wrong. Although the eggs in cookie dough are often pasteurized, and the chances of contracting salmonella are low, you can’t really always account for whether or not the other ingredients have been contaminated. Take this woman’s case for example – she got sick because of contaminated flour. Yup, that’s right. Flour.


Why you would be eating cigarettes to begin with is completely bizarre to us. But maybe you’re craving that nicotine high and smoking the cigarettes just isn’t enough anymore. You will very much so get nicotine poisoning if you eat a cigarette (the same way you’d get it if you smoked cigarettes – but at a much faster and stronger rate). If you’re not already a heavy smoker, eating about 30-40 cigarettes will definitely kill you.


Everyone enjoys a good oyster every now and then, but did you know that you can actually die from eating them? Contaminated oysters pose a larger risk to those who are immuno-compromised. So be careful if you have a medical condition and are planning on eating oysters. Make sure to check and find out if the oysters are still good or not!

You Can Die If You Eat This

So there you go! Besides the cigarettes, cookie dough and oysters are common things for people to enjoy raw, so just be careful about those and you’ll be fine!


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