What Makes A Great TV Finale?

You’ve all been there before, you have investing time and energy into the 1-17 seasons of a show and you are trying to imagine how they will end this incredible story you have been following. How they will conclude this epic portion of your life, and the finale comes, it’s built up, and they completely… mess it up. We’re looking at you Dexter.

BreakingBadWhat makes a good finale? First of all, they have to go back to why their show was so great in the first place. Too many shows have strayed far from what they once were, and end up being in a completely different place from where they started. They are unrecognizable, and by the finale, viewers are scratching their heads thinking “huh?”

And this connects to our seconds point, a finale has to have closure. By straying from what you first started with, your identity, your humble beginnings, an ending that doesn’t tie up all of the loose ends is just pointless. They’ve done a terrible job of wrapping things up in a neat bow and everything is splurging out, everyone is asking questions that unravels the entire series.

150122_2842000_May_God_Bless_and_Keep_You_Always_anvver_1One that note, saying goodbye is also important. A great way to have closure is giving each and every one of your characters an ending. It doesn’t necessarily have to be good or bad, but it does have to end with something. If you conclude it with “and the adventure continues!” that’s fine, it is an ending, but all it has to be is obvious and fulfilling.

Finally, the finale has to have a good payoff. People have invested time, money, and their attention to this television series. Ending it on something that completely makes no sense whatsoever, ahem How I Met Your Mother ahem, it will upset viewers immensely.


  1. Nathan

    HIMYM is easily number one on my list for worst TV ending ever, never has one episode completely ruined the entire series as a whole like the finale did.

  2. Harold

    Honestly, Game of Thrones is so different from the book now that I’m worried about how it will end.

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