What Daredevil Proved to the World

DD2We gave a pretty positive review for Daredevil in our article about the awesome superhero series. We’re excited to see more from it, and we want to point out a few of the game changers the Daredevil introduced to the superhero genre.

First of all, Daredevil proved that there is an adult market for superhero movies and TV shows. If you’re a parent letting your kids watch this gritty, horrific and adult superhero series, you’re making a mistake. The themes, the violence, and even the filming style is all geared towards an older, more mature audience. And the success of this series proved that there is such a market.

Secondly, it proved that the formula for superhero shows doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over again. Shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have to appeal to their network. Meaning they have their focus on making money, extending the story to meet the episode quota, and creating sometimes useless or conflicting drama to make things more interesting. y being on Netflix where the popular crowd usually binge watches everything, Daredevil was able to focus on story structure, and keep that focus throughout. There are no pointless or useless episodes you can skip. It is all important, and all enjoyable.

DD3Three, Daredevil opens up a new, diverse market. Marvel is doing a great job of showcasing all of the superhero work is has done. Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, these are stories that not many people have heard of, sitting on the edge of the Marvel universe. By focusing on these as well as Daredevil, more people are interested in what Marvel has to offer, and what other superheroes have potential.

Fourth, Daredevil is a stand alone, but can potentially mix with the Avengers. Daredevil is taking careful steps to establish Daredevil, make him important, while leaving it open for his inclusion into later series. Unfortunately DC has often mishandled this, with Smallville, Flash, and Arrow, creating useless TV series that will be snuffed out by a big screen movie.


  1. Nick Piers

    Given that Daredevil is my second favourite superhero of all time, I am absolutely excited for this. His costume is reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Man Without Fear story and I understand the creators have said the costume will evolve over time. I hope we’ll eventually see ‘ol Hornhead as he’s meant to be.

    My only criticism – just judging from the trailers – is Matt Murdock’s eyes. They’re not as opaque as they are in the comics. It’s a key, iconic image that showcases his blindness. Here, his eyes appear to be relatively normal. It seems strange to me that they wouldn’t give the actor contacts or something to showcase his blindness. Honestly, it’s a minor criticism at best. He’ll be spending two thirds of his time either behind a mask or a pair of sunglasses. And I have faith that the actor will do a great job showing that his character is blind. Guess we’ll have to see. No pun intended.

  2. DBX

    Blind contacts like the one used in the old Daredevil movie do literally blind an actor, it’s probably impractical to fit them into the shooting schedule of your lead and do stunts in them. Murdock being one of those people who’s blind but doesn’t show visible signs of trauma is a reasonable sacrifice to me.

  3. Glenn Cogen

    They could of CGI his eyes. Current technology would of made it easy enough to seem realistic. Yet I agree with you about contacts making one eventually blind. Use to wear fake contacts when younger, and it tore at my eyesight.

  4. Gregory Smith

    See I think they left the milky eye thing out as it’s become sort of cliche, almost self parody with all the other films and shows doing it now.

  5. Nick Piers

    @Gregory: Which would be fine, but Matt’s one of the original blind characters that has been parodies. And it’s not really cliche since it’s a common appearance for the blind. Would you go up to a blind person with milky eyes and tell them they’re a walking cliche? No, of course not.So why does it matter if it’s portrayed in movies/films as such? Because the blind generally do NOT have normal looking eyes.

    Besides, Murdock is a great example of someone living and coping with a disability. You would think they’d showcase that as

  6. Gregory Smith

    @Nick: I agree completely, I’m just saying I imagine they didn’t do it here because of the other films and TV shows that have done it.

  7. Supermicklovin

    Everyones excited for Age of Ultron and I’m just sitting here waiting for Daredevil Season 2.

  8. Max Frankwall

    To all those that don’t have Netflix, get free month trial then cancel it after you watch Daredevil. I’ve got it and love Netflix more than normal tv.

  9. Damon Briggs

    My God, this just looks incredible. More excited for this at the moment then Age of Ultron!!!

  10. Jack Arnold

    “This city needs to die, before it can be reborn”. Such an awesome line, I reckon Kingpin is going to be a better villain than all of the ones we’ve seen in the Marvel movies. Maybe not Ultron and Thanos but we need to see more of them before judging how good they are.

  11. Jeremy

    Not many people may agree with me but this is honestly on par with GoT and Breaking Bad, best show I’ve seen in a long time.

  12. Nolan

    I can’t be the only one who liked the way his cloth mask looked more than the one on his “Daredevil” costume. I don’t know…something about it having no eyes and coming down further on his nose/cheeks that made it a lot more menacing. Oh well.

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