Tips For The Casual Writer

Are you a writer? Do you want to be? Try to remember these 10 tips when you’re writing and it could change the way you write completely.

writing (1)1. Tips when getting started


  • Start small. 300 words a day is a very good start. Don’t try to rush yourself or overdo it, but if you’re on a roll, then go for it!
  • Have an outline. Chart a table of contents for yourself. It is even a good idea to chart out your chapters.
  • Have a time to write every day. Take some time to yourself and write! Get away from it all. It can be therapeutic and great for creativity.
  • Choose a unique place to write. Many authors enjoy writing on the train. Other authors enjoy sipping coffee while writing in a crowded place.

2. Staying accountable

  • Give yourself weekly deadlines to stay on top of things. Having a deadline with bump it up on your list of important things to do. This is your own project, and shouldn’t be pushed aside for other things.
  • Get early feedback. Nothing stings worse than having a book you have to rewrite. It can be extremely frustrating and can discourage you from writing all together.
  • Have a set word count. For reference, a pamphlet is about 10,000 words. 20,000: A short ebook or print book, 40,000- 50,000 is a good-sized nonfiction book, 60,000-70,000 is a longer nonfiction book, and finally a 80,000-100,000 word book is the typical novel length.

french-classroom-games33. Stay motivated

  • No matter what, finish the first book.
  • Embrace failure. Accept it and move on.
  • Write more and more. Many writers are embarrassed by their first book, and that’s okay, practice produces perfection.
  • Find a good editor. A good editor will criticize your work, while still applauding the good parts. You’ll need to find someone who is honest, yet gentle, that challenges your ideas, and engrossed you in your own story even more.

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