The Grand Budapest Hotel: Review


The Grand Budapest Hotel has been released on Netflix and the reception for it has been great. The amount of detail and graphical goodness put into it has been surreal. We would definitely rate this as one of the best movies of the year.

The movie begins with a story within a story, within another story,. You’re kind of confused about what’s going on in the first few minutes of the film, but it slowly unravels until you’re like “ohh”, so this is what’s going on. The highlight of the movie was that it was told through a narrative and the fact that every part of the story gets exaggerated and you don’t really know whether it’s real or fictatious. This is common in a lot of the other movies made by the director, so we think that his style is pretty good and leaves you thinking about whether anything told as part of the story was real or not.

The Grand Budapest Hotel itself was made with the most beautiful of details. The art surrounding it made it seem like it was out of a fairy tale book.

The characters themselves aren’t the most developed, but you do get a sense of attachment to each of the characters. The main character — Gustavo, is a really big “man whore”. He’s sworn to his job and makes sure every one of his guests recieves… pleasure… from staying at the hotel. This isn’t to say the least.


You may not love all the characters but do you emphasize with them. The poor bellboy is one good example of great character development. You really feel sorry for them, and that’s what the director aimed to do (?).

In the end, you’re not sure of what happened, and maybe everything was a lie, but at least it was a good one. Oh, and you’re also wondering why the bellboy turned out to be white instead of brown? We’re guessing that’s just another intentional plot twist the director added in to confuse us.

Watch the movie on Netflix and let us know how you feel about the movie. We’re enchanted by it, as usual, and we would rate it a solid 9/10.

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