Personalized World Scratch Map


We don’t know why, but scratching things off can be so satsifying. Who buys scratchcards, not just because you want to win thousands of dollars, but because it’s satisfying to just scratch the numbers off to reveal what’s underneathe?

Well, you can get that same satisfaction from a world map. This is perfect for those people that travel all over the world and want to record the places that they have been to. It’s also an amazing gift that you can give to that travelling wanderlusted friend.

We’ve discovered this unique concept of a map recently, called the Scratch Map Deluxe from Luckies. You can personalize it according to the countries you’ve been to — and it reveals a colorful map underneathe, giving you a beautiful, interactive map of the world. It’s a map tailored to your own travels.

Luckies creates a variety of world maps depending on your travel style. Some of their maps includes the different types of food inherent to the country or the city.

You can also make your own if you have the patience — with some acrylic paint and some masking tape. If you don’t have the patience for that, you can pick it up on their website for only $20.

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