Inspirational Books Have a Pattern

Have you ever noticed that all inspiration books sound the exact same? Because it’s true, they really do! If you crack one open, it’ll most likely say that you’re being a negative person and that you need to start envisioning your live more positively. But there’s a true problem with that. If you continuously live your live in the positive attitude, you’re going to start failing. Why? Let us tell you why.

Thinking positive is not always good for you.

Sometimes when bad things happen, it’s important to assess why they happened the way that they did. By overly thinking positively, you’ll be brushing all of your problems under the rug and not positively addressing them.

Passively moving on from your issues will never resolve them.

The same way that positive thinking fails to address problems, if you never truly think about them, the problems don’t always disappear. Sometimes problems can be recurring – which would mean that you’ll never be able to fully get rid of them. Eventually you’re going to have to face them head on in you want them to work out.

Positive people radiate positive energy.

Okay great, karma could be a very real thing. But just because you’re positive doesn’t mean that everyone around you expects you to be that way, so you shouldn’t expect others to be the same way back either. There are always going to be a couple of people who don’t reciprocate your happiness and positivity. Don’t let these haters get to you and ruin your day. Just understand that not everything is continuously positive day in and day out.

Sure living positively can work wonders, but it’s also important to remember that alongside living positively, you also have to live realistically. If forgetting about things clearly isn’t helping out with your situation, then make sure to reconsider how you’re interpreting the situation and make it work for you.

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