Greatest Buddy Cop Movies Ever

It’s always a good time when you sit back and watch a great buddy cop movie. There are funny ones, silly ones, serious ones, and ones that are all three. The best? We have a list right here.

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Lethal Weapon

The go to for buddy cop movies. It was one of the very first buddy cop movies, and one of the greatest. It got it right, the action, the crazy dynamic, the iconic lines, everything. It is a buddy cop movie that most buddy cop movies are compared to.

buddy copRush Hour

When it comes to physical humour, no one is better than Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker. The facial expressions they make during fight scenes is enough to make you laugh. This was one of the greatest movies to get the opposite cop dynamic that many directors strive for.

Bad Boys

When Michael Bay was a decent director, there was Bad Boys. It was intense, funny, and filled with over the top action and over the top reactions to that action. It was one of the few Michael Bay movies where we wanted, and needed more and more explosions.

Hot Fuzz

Edgar Wright, a master at editing gave us the hilarious buddy cop movie, Hot Fuzz. The 2007 british comedy was a gruesome, and clever take on the buddy cop genre. It was a fish out of water story, jam packed with irony and wit, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

21 Jump Street/ 22 Jump Street

Could Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill pull it off? Yes they certainly can. The entire movie, being a parody of the buddy cop genre was an excellent ride. It entices the audience with it’s own story, and gives us laughs along the way.

buddy cop2The Other Guys

If you’re into dark humour, you might like The Other Guys. Filled with abusive comedy, Will Ferrel and Mark Walhberg do an excellent job being the buddy cops that can’t stand one another. You want them to finish their job but you also want the story to keep going, because you can’t stop laughing.


  1. Gani

    10 Lethal Weapon 1987
    9 Blue Streak 1999
    8 Beverly Hills Cop 1984
    7 National Security 2003
    6 Rush Hour 1997
    5 The Other Guys 2010
    4 Hot Fuzz 2007
    3 21 Jump Street 2012
    2 Bad Boys 1995
    1 Starsky And Hutch 2004

  2. Victor Stojanav

    What the hell happened to Chris Tucker? and Martin Lawrence?
    We need a new Friday and Bad Boys 3.

  3. Andreas Osterbylle

    End of watch is probably the best one and should be on here. It’s actually a somewhat realistic movie. Most of these are just ridiculous comedies.

  4. Janet

    I Totally Agree,
    L.Weapon’s #1!!
    I Love Lethal Weapon
    Movies! Those 2 are
    Great Together!!!! :-)

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