Foods To Try Before You Die

Feeling adventurous and cultured? try some of these incredible dishes. They might satisfy your pallet.
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Snake Wine from South-East Asia

Next time you want to complain about cheap wine, try pouring yourself a glass of snake wine. The popular beverage is believed to have healing properties. They are sometimes served in China and Vietnam. It is often made by steeping a snake in rice wine, or mixing a snake's bodily fluids like blood into the alcohol.

Sannakji from Korea

Have you ever wanted to eat a live octopus? a traditional Korean dish is an octopus cut into small pieces and served while the tentacles are still squirming. It presents a chocking hazard, so be careful when eating it.

Hakarl_near_Bjarnahöfn_in_IcelandHakari from Iceland

Some say that eating shark is unethical, and then others enjoy some decomposed shark everyone once in a while, like in Iceland. Hakari is made when you bury the body of a shark to allow it to ferment in its own fluids for several months. Then you dig it up, cut it into strips and hung up to dry.

Baby Mice Wine from China and Korea

Another drink that is supposed to have health benefits. Baby mice wine is filled with... baby mice! apparently this is a specialty in China and Korea, but don't try and find a picture please.

Rooster_portrait2Cockscombs from All over Europe

Cockscombs is the fleshy growth on the top of chicken heads. In Italy, they are crucial ingredients to a sauce called cibreo. They were also used as garnishes in French gastronomic history. Bonne appetite!

Rocky Mountain oysters from USA

The name sounds exotic, intriguing, seemingly a delicacy. However, all of that is stripped away when you find out that rocky mountain oysters are nothing more than deep fried bull testicles. It was reputedly a favourite of cowboys. Yee-haw!