Facts You Didn’t Know About Pop Stars

Facts You Didn't Know About Pop Stars

Ariana Grande

Did you know that Ariana Grande has the perfect Celine Dion impersonation? Nope, we bet you didn’t. She’s more known as the “mini Mariah”, but she can also sing just like the other famed and celebrated singer!

Taylor Swift

Did you know that Taylor Swift’s very first job involved dealing with a lot of bugs? Believe it or not, her job involved her getting rid of praying mantis’ from Christmas trees! Crazy isn’t it?!


This girl is way smarter than she looks! When taking the SATs, she managed to score 1500/1600 and has an IQ of 140!

Bruno Mars

Is not his real name. You wish though. His real name is actually: Peter Gene Hernandez.

Harry Styles

Has some extra body parts – not necessarily ones that will get you super excited, but still – it’s extra. Have you guessed it yet? He’s got 2 extra nipples!

Snoop Dogg

Can guide you through your life. Did you know that his voice is an available voice over option for the TomTom GPS systems?


She once worked at a donut shop. And was promptly fired when she accidently squirted jelly onto a customer!

Taylor Momsen

Almost became Hannah Montana – almost. She was one of the top 3 finalists but as we all know by now, the role when to Miley Cyrus.

Justin Timberlake

Penned music for other artists during his days with ‘NSYNC. Gone was actually supposed to be written for Michael Jackson to sing!

Katy Perry

Has a pet cat with a similar name. Known as Kitty Purry, the two may be confused wanna you’re calling out each others’ names and their within close proximity of each other!

Facts You Didn't Know About Pop Stars


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