Daredevil Season 1, Episode 1 Recap


The much-anticipated Daredevil came out just a few days ago — and the reception has been huge so far. The whole season came out on Netflix in one day, and people are expecting really, really good reviews for it. The much hyped up Daredevil from the Marvel’s series is going to be a bit different than the comics, but it will still be good regardless.

What happened on the premier of Daredevil in the premier of the first season:

We get introduced to Daredevil — Matt Murdock, when he was just a kid. We see his father grabbing him as he lies on the ground from a car accident. He screams “I can’t see, I can’t see!” as the chemicals from the accident get into his eyes.

Fast forward 20 years. Murdock and his co-worker and best friend Foggy Nelson are moving into a new law firm that they’re starting and it’s a dingy little place because they can’t afford anything fancy. By New York terms, it’s pretty good for what they got because at least it’s not a single room dinghole like what we’re used to (am i right).

They hear about a case from Foggy’s friend in the police department, and they go off to meet the defendant who’s a young blonde in her 20′s named Karne Page. She’s accused of murdering her co-worker, who was found lying beside her in his sole apartment. She wakes up, covered in blood, and persistently denies that she killed him.

Foggy is unsure of her innocence, but Murdock is convinced that she’s not the killer, and they go about defending her.

So far, everything is great, and the action is admirable, considering they are not using stuntmen and the moves are real. The scenes are a bit dark, but the contrast between light and dark is great. The beginning is just amazingly gripping and you definitely want to get to know more about Murdock and what made him the way he is ( a blind vigilante?)



  1. Seymour

    Whats exciting about Daredevil is he’s Marvel’s first street level vigilante. Guys like Cap, Tony and especially Thor wouldn’t concern themselves with gangs, crime lords and other stuff thats not related to super-villians and other crazy shit currently happening in the MCU. Even cooler is Matt Murdock actually has a DISADVANTAGE considering he’s blind and he’s not as overpowered as Batman with oodles of resources. Damn I can’t wait to lay eyes on this series.

  2. Dave Hill

    TV Review: “Daredevil” (2015)

    Damn. Straight.

    The gritty. The violence. The idealism. The guilt. Daredevil. Foggy. Karen. Kingpin.

    I could not hope for more.

    Damn good stuff. I approve.

  3. Harry

    The Day that Daredevil show releases, Arrow will lose majority of its fanbase to a far better and far more entertaining show.

  4. Michael

    I hope this is going to be better than ‘The Flash’… it sure looks like it’s going to be. The Flash just isn’t growing, it feels like a kids show to me. This looks way more serious :)

  5. Chris

    The Flash, Arrow, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter and now Daredevil!! Its a good time for comic book fans :))

  6. Tim Holmes

    Watched all of season 1 in 3 days, and wow did some of those episodes fly by before I even realised a hour had passed. I’d say the show keeps going strong from beginning to end, and the season finale… Oh boy was that an awesome episode. The show is basically a origin story about the Kingpin and Daredevil who both are challenged by each other and thrid parties on their conviction, morale and the drive to do what they feel is right. One part being the super hero who is contiunally forced to face his own deep fears about becoming what he hates the most, while the villian often appear as a human being with his own reasons and not some evil mastermind doing evil for the sake of evilness.

  7. Oisín McMahon

    Soooo, we’re getting both Ultron and Kingpin in the same year from Marvel in the same year played by amazing actors. Awesome

  8. kris

    Another show about a mask vigilante streched into 500+ episodes. I hate that. And only 1 episode per week… that’s bullshit. At the end of this show, no one will remember how all started. The suit looks like crap. He thinks he is a ninja turtle or something? I fooled myself by watching The Flash… but I won’t fall for another mistake like that. The problem with shows like this one is that the story goes so slow, that every next episode looks almost the same as the previous one. Only Game Of Thrones is worth waiting for.

  9. Jason White

    ^ Uh this is Netflix. They dump all of the episodes at one time. All of the episodes are out right now. The Ninja Turtles’ comic book style was actually inspired by Daredevil’s black “ninja” costume.

  10. Gilbert De Jesus

    I have finished all 13 episodes.

    And, I still highly recommend this show.

    It completely gets better per episode. That I would not get bored of watching the series all over again.

    A 13 episode story origin that took me by storm. Fresh, unexpected, dark and violent, and extremely, action-packed.

    I didn’t expect it to be that good.

  11. Kerrigan

    I’m not a comic book reader and I have no idea who Daredevil is but this looks so promising!
    Also, does anyone know approx. what kind of budget Netflix has, because lately they’ve been given us some kiss-ass series.
    I know CW is a small network and they have limitations but they managed to pull off 2 good superhero shows (3 if you consider Supernatural).
    Netflix has the advantage of not being subjected to censorship; I love that it can push the envelope and be gory, violent or sexual if needed.

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