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You Can Die If You Eat This

You Can Die If You Eat This

There are lots of different foods that we take for granted and just eat. Because if you didn’t get sick or die the first time, you definitely won’t die this time right? But eater beware. There are actually quite a…

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Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head

There are scientific explanations for just about everything, even for when songs get stuck in your head. Picture yourself driving to work and listening to the radio, enjoying it and nodding to the beat. You park your car, humming the tune...

The Top 10 National Dishes

You can call them national dishes, but we like to call them patriotic dishes. Let’s start with an obvious one everyone should be familiar with. Loading the player …   The Hamburger- USA The origins of the hamburger are disputed,…


Foods To Try Before You Die

Feeling adventurous and cultured? try some of these incredible dishes. They might satisfy your pallet. Loading the player... Snake Wine from South-East Asia Next time you want to complain about cheap wine, try pouring yourself a glass of snake wine....

National Instruments You Never Knew

Are you ready for a cultural test? Perhaps you knew about these instruments and where they’re from, perhaps you don’t and will learn something. Loading the player …   Panpipes They are a set of chorded bamboo pipes that produces…


Most Anticipated Shows This Summer 2015

This Summer is looking really good for TV shows. There have been many rumours in the past, and it looks like we’re finally going to see some of those rumours, that turned into facts, that turned into hype, become revealed….


Books Every Zombie Fan Should Read

Loading the player …   Patient Zero by Johnathan Maberry It is the zombie novel for people who don’t like zombie novels. It is a fast paced book with plenty of explosions, bravado, action, and over the top weaponry. The…


4 Big Logo Redesigns In 2013

2013 was a big year full of logo redesigns. A lot of companies are coming onto the modern movement, and they are going with a smoother, cleaner logo. When new logos come out, they usually have pretty bad press —…


A Beautiful Ad On How To Pour Baileys

Design and advertising go hand-in-hand with each other. One is not without the other. Loading the player …   In this case, we see this example perfectly. How could pouring a cup of bailey’s be art? Well, they’ve managed to…


What American Should See In Other Food Cultures

If you try and image the food from America, one of the first things that pops up is fast food. America is a large country, but has little to offer the world in terms of cultural cuisine. It could learn…