Amazing Cakes From Europe

Europe started a whole bunch of cake trends that without them, we wouldn’t have any of today. They are the beginning of the cakes that we have in North America. We can’t imagine how some of them delicious and they are! We hope that you will take the time and the effort to try them out and buy them or make them at home.

Marble Cake


Marbled cake is full of chocolate and vanilla goodness. It’s fluffy and puffy and we’re pretty sure everyone’s tried it at least once! This cake is actually from Denmark, and popularized in America.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake actually comes from Germany, and it’s made with chocolate sponge cake and layered with almond liquor, cherry flavouring, and whipped cream. It’s usually topped with some fruits or more chocolate and whipped cream. YUM!

Hazelnut Dacquoise Torte

The hazelnut pavlova has the creamiest caramel filling ever! It’s original from France, and we can tell from how it looks like a smaller version of macarons!



A Polish vanilla cake made with sheets of choux pastry and a really amazing vanilla custard filling. It’s crispy and sweet — just the way we like it.

Candied Orange Cassata

What looks like an orange is actually a sweet ricotta, dark chocolate and candied orange encased sponge fingers. It’s also soaked with a zesty orange syrup and topped with a real orange slice on top.

Esterhazy Cake

This cake is just like macarons, with vanilla and rum buttercream between six layers of almond meringue.



You might not have heard of this one, but it’s actually a delicious rich cake with layers of chocolate sponge, apricot jam, and dark chocolate icing. It’s from Austria and served only on the finest days!

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