A Design Checklist & Hierarchy To Keep In Mind


Sometimes as designers, we’re often lost in what we’re supposed to do, what we’re supposed to bring to the user. Ever have feelings of doubt because you’re not sure what the meaning of design is anymore?

Design isn’t just about creativity, or beauty, rather — the cores of it are functionality, reliability and usability.

Even if you designed the most beautiful app in the world, but it’s amazingly hard to navigate and the user doesn’t know how to get from one page to another: that’s a problem.

When we say something like “That’s terrible UI design”, we don’t always mean it’s ugly. To be objective is to be artful, to be usable is design.

That isn’t to say creativity isn’t important.

The five neccessairy criteria are functionality, reliability, usability, proficiency and creativity.

The designer Devin Hunt has come up with the Checklist for Design with a diagram for this specific purpose — to keep designers on track of what their purpose is. It’s similar to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the triangle that shows us what basic needs we have.

One of the best quotes is:

These criteria come together as a hierarchy because they build off one another. Reliability can’t be explored unless we know how a design functions. Creativity can’t be explored unless we know what is being created works. How can we discuss mastering a tool if it breaks every time we use it?” 

It’s a great thing to keep in mind, and we urge you to check it out here.

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