5 Common Photoshop Mistakes


Even the best designers can sometimes make mistakes. Using Photoshop isn’t a easy learning curve, and sometimes there are a bunch of things you can do wrong if you taught yourself. There are a lot of “nasty things” people tend to make a habit of. If you ever catch yourself doing any of these, then don’t feel bad. It’s never too late to change it around.

1. Not using shortcuts

You can speed up the process so much by using shortcuts. Not just the basic ones like undo and copy & paste. There’s just so many you can add or create. You can create your own by going Edit > Key Board Shortcuts.

2. Not saving regularly

The worst thing you can do is finish a 10 hour project and then have it crash. Photoshop doesn’t have autosave unfortunately so all that work will be gone! It’s very typical to lose work, so make sure to save every 10-15 minutes or so!

3. Not naming and structuring your layers

A lot of experienced designers fall into this habit when you’re working on a piece that you’re not sending out. Making the correct folders and naming them will save you so much time when you’re making revisions! We make the same mistake, so don’t feel so bad. It does take a lot of time, but try to get into this good habit.

4. Defaulting to CMYK

A lot of print designers work straight from CMYK, but that’s not always the best case. You can easily start with RGB with colorproof and change it to CMYK later on in the project.

5. Using Desaturate

You can easily convert to black and white with this function, but it will leave it flat and lifeless. You can instead us Image > Adjustments > Black And White and you can change the red, greens and blues of the image for a better result.


  1. steve

    didn’t know that about #4! always started off in CYMK when it was for print, but i guess that’s wrong lol.

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