WTF: Ending Of How I Met Your Mother

The Finale of How I Met Your Mother came to a finale today and boy, was everyone disappointed. The whole show was amazing up until the season ended. They finally found out who the mother was, and they finally got Robin and Barney married… But in the finale, the mother died and Barney And Robin divorced, and Ted and Robin ended up together after all. Like WTF? The whole show they built up something only to be let down in the end.

When the kids started to call her Aunt Robin, the series made a fata mistake. Ted was already moved on from Robin! But they got back together and then How I met Your Mother basically wasn’t about Ted or the mom, but a series about Robin instead.

It’s unbelievable that Ted spent 9 years with this woman, only to realize that she was the woman of his dreams all this time.

So what was the point of them finding out the mtoher? And why did they want to show Ted and Robin’s failure in Season two? It was so redundant and we think that the finale just made the whole show go to ruins. It was a great, funny show, but the plot didn’t align. We were almost just as disappointed with this as we were with the finale of Dexter.

Seriously, if you want to watch a show for the comedy — watch How I Met Your Mother, but if you’re like 99% of us, then don’t pay attention to the plot lines at all.

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