Why We Stop Listening To Pop As We Grow Up

musicIt is general knowledge that as we grow older and mature more, our tastes begin to turn away from the latest pop songs and into different kinds of music. Perhaps it is due to the demands of parenthood or less time devotion to popular culture, eventually everyone gets set in their ways and settles with their favourite songs in the end.

Using the data gathered form Spotify, a music locating app, researchers found three points:

  1. Teen’s taste is dominated by popular music, however this steadily declines in their 20′s, and reaches a halt in their 30′s.
  2. Men and women listen to similar music in their teens, however men listen to less pop music way before women stop listening to it.
  3. At any age, people with children listen to smaller amounts of pop music than those without.

They also found out that the age old argument of “music was better in my day,” is usually fought between 35-year-old fathers and teen girls. Single men and moms in their 20s are pulled in both directions.

Spoitify also tracks the Taste Profile of every user, and found out the most popular artist. For 2015, here is the ranking:

  • Taylor Swift has a popularity rank of #1
  • Eminem has a rank of #50
  • Muse has a rank of #250
  • Alan Jackson has a rank of #500
  • Norah Jones has a rank of #1,000
  • Natasha Bedingfield has a rank of #3,000

best-pop-music-bands-and-artists-u2As teens get older, they discover music that they never heard on the radio in the car. They develop a better understanding of how to find and download or buy music, and they become mature enough to dip into less popular music, rather than what everyone else is listening to. So if you’re having that argument of how music was better in my day, don’t worry. Just wait for your kids or your friends to become more mature, and see them develop.


  1. Nicolas

    I think it might also have to do with laziness, we just turn on the radio and leave it there to listen to whatever, without thinking about it

  2. Kyde

    It’s also what plays on the radio, I mean they just play top 40s, and rock stations just play 90% popular rock and 10% Hotel California

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