What’s the Perfect Length of a Movie

What's the Perfect Length of a Movie

Watching a movie can either be rivetting or extremely boring, and it all boils down to the length of it. Sometimes the best theatrically filmed movies can come off as quite boring as the movie progresses – simply because everything is way too long. But there are always those shorter not done as well ones that come off as more interesting – because they fit a desired time length.

For simple entertainment, a movie spanning of roughly 90 minutes is ideal. You have enough time to develop characters, go through a decent plot and not have the audience bored to tears by the time you reach the ending. Also, being able to fit an entire story into 90 minutes is good discipline for any director. For anything weightier with multiple plot lines, 2 hours has been seen as the acceptable time frame of keeping your audience in their seats before their behinds begin to ache a bit. Also keep in mind that their attention begins to wane as time passes. You don’t want them sitting there long enough that they forget what happened in the beginning of the movie by the time it gets to the end.

Movies that last any longer beg to ask the question “why wasn’t it just made into a mini series?”. If you have movies that go on and on, it just indicates that there are too many arching plotlines that are cooinciding with one another for anyone to really remember. At that point, you’re better off splitting it up into multiple movies for the audience to really take it all in.

What do you find to be your ideal length of movie?

What's the Perfect Length of a Movie

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