What’s Real & What’s Not In Wolf Of Wallstreet


After seeing one of the most controversial and arguably one of the best acted films of the year, we’re left wondering… how much of Wolf of Wall Street was actually real? Between the debauchery, sex, drugs, and almost absurd happenings that went on through the movie, it’s hard to believe that it was based on a very real autobiography of Jordan Belfort’s life.

1. The drugs

The drugs were pretty much spot on, or even worse, in real life. Belfort was actually a cocaine addict, and yes he did almost overdose on Lemmon 714s. It’s even true that he drove a helicopter when he was stoned, and that he crashed his car when he was on Quaaludes. Belfort actually accompanied DiCaprio and rolled on the ground to show what his incapacitated state was.

2. The sex

The sex was “just as bad” as in the film. There were multiple accounts of public sex in the offices, and there really was a woman who gave blowjobs to almost all of the staff there. But the 3-some with the secretary wasn’t true. And we’re not sure about all the sex on the planes either.

3. The sales pitch

Belfort was known as one of the best salespeople ever. It got him a reality show where he goes around teaching people how to teach (just like in the movie). The “sell me a pen” tactic didn’t seem to be one of his ideals though.

4. Steve Madden

The role of Steve was true and accurate, though we’re not sure the character fully represented him. Steve did end up going to jail along with Belfort and Donnie (in real life his name was Danny Porush)

5. Nadine/Naomi

The real life version of Naomi was the “duchess” known as Nadine. She’s most known for her appearance in a Bud Lite commercial. She also really did have an aunt who smuggled the money and died while Belfort was trying to get his money back from the Swiss banks.


  1. Oliver

    The funniest, saddest thing is me and my little brother both saw this movie in theaters with our grandparents. It was very uncomfortable, I’m pretty sure they were both traumatized and kept talking about how it was the worst movie they had ever seen in their life afterwards.

  2. Jacob

    Most overrated movie of all time. Truly. Also the most wasted three- four… however many hours of my life. Had I watched it in my own home, I would have turned it off within ten minutes. I even realized halfway through this video that I was wasting my time on it again.
    True garbage (the movie, not this video) that doesn’t deserve any awards.
    It’s 3+ straight hours of nothing but scamming people off fortunes, taking drugs, f**ing whores, and overall behaving like the scum of the Earth.

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