What Did Your Band Instrument Say About You?

Let’s face it, we were all forced to play some kind of musical instrument at least once in our life. Most of us played one in middle school and may have even extended it into high school (if you were lucky to not have to learn how to play the recording during elementary school). And most of the time, we weren’t really allowed to pick what kind of musical instruments we wanted to play. Okay that’s wrong, we were allowed to pick and choose around 3 different instruments and then we were assigned one. So if you were lucky enough to get your first choice, consider yourself VERY lucky – we definitely didn’t get that. Let’s take a closer look as to what each of the more known instruments says of your personality.

What Did Your Band Instrument Say About You?


Playing one of the higher tuned instruments of the band, you were most likely to have a delicate personality, but a lot of self control. Playing a flute is actually a lot harder then many people give floutists credit for. You were most likely known for some pretty intense stare and keeping to yourself.


Your instrument is still very delicate sounding, but a lot more intense than a flute with it’s lower octave of notes. You were the cool kid of the band. Clarinet players of bands are basically like the quarterbacks of a football tea. You’re liked by everyone and don’t really have to try hard to be liked.


You were probably the jokester of the class, being the one and all that can make silly sounds with a trumpet. You always wanted to learn that trumpet solo and now that you have, you’ve set your sights on playing it for everyone to hear.


You liked to be the diva or the drama queen of the show. You played as hard as you can because you thought that you sounded ultra cool. But you weren’t. Didn’t you know that all the cool kids played the clarinet?

What Did Your Band Instrument Say About You?


  1. Helena

    My best friend plays the ukulele; what does that say about her, other than that she’s an awesome weirdo?

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