What American Should See In Other Food Cultures

If you try and image the food from America, one of the first things that pops up is fast food. America is a large country, but has little to offer the world in terms of cultural cuisine. It could learn a thing or two from other countries.

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First of all, they should consider who still shops at their grocery stores. In much of China, only the elderly shop at grocery stores so they can get fresh ingredients to cook at home. Food is particularly important when you become part of a diaspora, because it is one of the few things that connects people with their home country. For America and other countries to succeed, they should integrate global grocery stores.

Best-of-Hollywood_111Running off of the previous topic, food is also a way to identify yourself. Consider this question, what is your meal? The question is weighted because the answer reveals much of your personality. You may not have and answer that revolves around a high protein diet. Rice with chicken. Mashed potatoes with steak. It is a style that America has come to expect from around the world, and those who travel might find themselves being served dinner asking, “Where’s the meat?”

Food as survival may not be a factor in your diet, but for some it was. For an older generation who was focused on other things and not how to cook, food was just a means of survival. People still visit fresh produce markets and bargain for tomatoes, and cook it very simply. Food doesn’t have to be complicated.

sharing-foodFood can also be seen as an experience as a community. In many Arab countries, food and community are mixed together. Sharing of food is common, hands are used instead of utensils, and talking is encouraged. When was the last time an American restaurant offered a communal plate? These things America should consider if it plans to grow in it’s cultural acceptance and development.

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