Weird Foods From Around The World

We’ve all had something a little bit strange at least once in our life. Like say the first time that we were introduced to sushi and the thought of eating any sort of protein raw was absolutely disgusting. Or what about the time that someone told you that you can blend greens together into a smoothie and drink it. If you’ve ever tried a wheatgrass shot then you’ll know exactly how bad this kind of stuff can taste. But there are even weirder foods from around the world that we bed you never even knew existed.

Weird Foods From Around The World


Considered to be a delicacy in Mexico and sometimes colloquially known as “insect caviar”, there’s no fooling people because you’re basically just eating ant larvae. These little eggs are harvested from the roots of the agave plant and are known to taste a little nut like but mostly buttery.

Drunken Shrimp

This dish is exactly as its name says. In China, these little guys are thrown into strong liquor to stun it, and then they’re consumed while still alive. Creepy isn’t it.

Kopi Luwak

No self respected coffee conoisseur can say that they’re one until they’ve tried this blend of beans. Easily running you a pretty penny, these beans are beans are actually coffee berry beans that have been defecated by civets. Coincidentally perfumes made out of civet glands are the most expensive as well. And these glands also come from their anal area. There must be something going on down there.

Weird Foods From Around The World


These crispy treats are actually dried out caterpillars that are enjoyed as a snack by the Africans.

Tuna Eyeballs

Popular in Japan but sold for relatively cheap (about 1 USD), you can find these in supermarkets. Yes you need to cook it before you eat it.

Puffin Heart

Yes, some people do eat these little guys. In Iceland, puffin hearts are considered a delicacy. But try not to imagine these cute little guys being eaten.


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