Wahlburgers – A New Contender For the Burger Business?

By now if you haven’t heard of the multi-burger-conglomerate McDonald’s then you must have been living underneath of a rock. Everyone and their grandmother has been to McDonald’s at least once in their life. Heck we might as well have grown up with McDonald’s. It was the epitome of fast food culture and still is. But their soaring prices and negative connotation for the unhealthy has sprouted a new brand of burger joints to rise in popularity.

Wahlburgers - A New Contender For the Burger Business?

Gone are the days of a cheap and quick burger. Nowadays, all that everyone wants is a solid quality patty that oozes with juice, is seasoned well, and is paired properly with the right condiments and a well toasted bun. Is this dream really that difficult to achieve? You would think so since burger joints are popping up every which way, proving that perfecting the art of burger making is harder than it appears.

The famed Wahlberg brothers have seemingly cashed in on both their fame and love for burgers by announcing their new family venture: Wahlburgers. They will be opening up their first location in Hingham, MA, but future expansions are definitely in talks. Ever since their grand opening, they’ve been documenting the process of running a burger joint through A&E’s help. The Wahlburgers follows the restaurant management industry and shows us how it’s run from the perspective of the Wahlberg brothers. Currently their best selling burger is the triple patty with Dirk Digger’s special sauce, but to determine if it really does stand up to its hype and whether or not it beats McDonald’s, we’re going to have to make a trek out there ourselves to test it personally.

Do you think Wahlburgers has what it takes to make it in the burger business? Let us know if you’ve tried them out yourselves! We’d love to know how they stand up against other burger giants that are already dominating the game!

Wahlburgers - A New Contender For the Burger Business?

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