Videogames That Would Be Perfect Movies

Have you ever been playing a game and thought to yourself, “this would be perfect as a movie.” We’ve made a list of the best games that should be movies, and the reason why.

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1. Halo

There have been multiple rumours of this being in production, but nothing seems to be happening. There are a few Halo short films, but nothing has been close to focusing on the iconic characters of Master Chief, Cortana, and the Flood. The universe of Halo has been explored in books, video games and comics. We hope to see this soon.

2. Mass Effect

videogame2The compelling characters of Mass Effect are begging us to put them on the big screen. A space drama that could potentially rival Star Trek and Star Wars, this game was made to be a fantastic epic.

3. God of War

The plot of God of War is incredibly simple, cliche even. However this would not be the focus of the movie. The focus would be slow motion epic scale, over the top action, just like the video game. Who better to direct than the master of slow motion himself, Zack Snyder. Picture 300 with God on God fighting action.

4. Starcraft

videogame3There have been talks of World of Warcraft movies, so why not Starcraft? The game is incredibly fun and has a bunch of iconic characters. Three races battling over galactic dominion could make for some pretty intense action.

5. Bioshock

Bioshock is a game that has deep characters, fantastic world building, and a great feel. Imagining the set designs, the actors and the props is enough to get anyone excited over the idea of making a movie from this game.

6. The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls has had a long history of video games, and fantastic lore. A movie that felt like The Lord of the Rings could do it justice.


  1. Emmett

    Fallout? What about today’s Evolve? Or even Borderlands despite the constant humor?

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