Top 10 Movie Music Composers

10. Elmer Bernstein

Making this list at number 10 is Elmer Bernstein for his magnificent work on “The Magnificent Seven” western. He has great range, working from To Kill a Mockingbird, to The Blues Brothers, to Ghostbusters.

9. Michael Giacchino

He is relatively new to the music industry compared t other on this list, but his work has proven he deserves the 9th place on this list. Remember UP? He did that. Remember The Incredibles? He did that too!

new-danny-elfman8. Danny Elfman

He is known for so many different iconic movies and shows. He has done the opening to The Simpsons, Tim Burton’s Batman, Edward Scissorhands, and Sam Rami’s Spiderman movies. His music is whimsical, zany and memorable.

7. James Horner

Some of James Horner’s best work comes from composing for James Cameron. He’s done the music for Aliens, Titanic, and Avatar.

6. Howard Shore

He did the epic score for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Hobbit trilogy. Middle-Earth just wouldn’t be the same without Shore’s mastery.

5. Bernard Herrmann

Working closely with Alfred Hitchcock, he used his talents to famously capture the shower scene from the movie Psycho.

4. Jerry Goldsmith

Goldsmith has been everywhere! Planet of the Apes, Patton, Stagecoach, L.A. Confidential, Star Trek, and many more. The man had a vast range, and use them perfectly for each movie.

hero_stacked3. Has Zimmer

Zimmer has worked on many different projects, including video games. Thanks to his work on Inception, every big action movie cracks up the fog horn sound wherever theres action.

2. Ennio Morricone

His operatic music style makes him one of the best known composers in the industry. He has worked on many westerns, like The Good The Bad and the Ugly, as well as Once Upon a Time in the West.

1. John Williams

No contest here. John Williams is the best at what he does. With a full orchestra at his back, Williams has made some of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Jurassic Park, Superman, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Home Alone, Jaws, the list goes on and on.

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