Top 10 Action Movie Cliches

Don’t you get sick of all these cliches? We sure do, we made a grand list of everything actions movies have done over and over again to death. They are just… so cliche.

wolverine00Cool guys don’t look at explosions. They blow things up and then walk away. Of course! Who needs to look at explosions when you can just walk away with a stone cold look on your face?

The “he’s mine” cliche has been done to death. Action movie villains are surprisingly sentimental when it comes to taking down our heroes. They never let anyone get in the way of their one on one fight. Most villains will risk everything just to personally beat down our hero in a one on one fight.

He’s not dead just yet. The bad guy aways seems to come back for one final laugh, even when he’s been shot five times in the heart. Seriously?

Too-oldI’m too old for this sh–. Many of our… aged actors can still seem to perform amazing stunts! Incredible, how are they able to jump off a building and escape an explosion, land on the ground with a roll and be okay? Oh right, a stuntman.

I’m too good to kill the villain! A cliche in superhero movie, heroes just can’t kill the villain, even when given the perfect opportunity. They rather just leave them for the cops because they’re “not like you!”

Shrug off wounds. We all know this one. The hero goes through trials and physical tests, gets stabbed, shot, has a dislocated shoulder, and is fighting a terminal disease but they shrug it off with gritted teeth.

I only have one day left in retirement, I have a family back home, when this war is over, I’m going home. And then they’re dead. So much for those plans.


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