The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

Not all libraries re designed equally. There’s no way that your elementary school library had stone walls and sconces to light up your reading areas. You most likely had some old gross looking carpet that was lying around for about 15+ years or so being trampled on by multiple people and then some deflated couches that have been accidentally peed on once too many times. But even though your libraries may not have necessarily been works of art, it’s important to note that there are many beautiful ones out there that deserve some acknowledgement.

The World's Most Beautiful Libraries

Lima, Peru – Monastery of San Francisco Library

Finished around 1774 (this library is damned old!), it was ravaged by an earthquake in 1970. Designed to replicate holy buildings, it’s finished with a curved granite entrance and Spanish themed baroque architecture.

Perugia, Italy – Mediatheque Sandro Penna

Although this library looks as if it was a reclaimed UFO (hello space-ship looking buildings), it definitely was designed by earthlings. It’s outer glass casing is tinged pink and glows during nightfall. Besides the pink, splashes of color are evident throughout the library as children’s play areas and different couches make up for the decor. The fluffy furniture also helps to create a sound proof isolated building that’s perfect for cozying up to a book and reading.

Galway, Ireland – Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Library

This dynamic library was constructed with functional uses in mind. A set of sails just outside no only provide daylight to the building, but also protects the interior from harsh light. So instead of using energy and warming and cooling the building electrically, they are able to manage the warmth and brightness manually.

Admont, Austria – Admont Abbey Library

The Austrians are famed for their architecture, and this library is no opposite. The library is decorated in gold and white tones as well as various frescos that represent the varying phases of human knowledge. Besides books, you’ll also find beautiful statues stored within the library.

The World's Most Beautiful Libraries

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