The Walking Dead- What Went Wrong

The very first season of The Walking Dead, no one really knew what to expect. There were only a select few that knew of the comic books, and there usually are when a book turns into a movie, and so people did not have high hopes for this, but knew that it was going to be a gory zombie fest that’ll attract hardcore fans at best. What they didn’t know, was that the show would turn into one of the most popular shows on the planet, bringing in hundreds of thousands of viewers every Sunday night to watch iconic characters like Daryl, Rick Grimes and… the other one that died a while back… what was his name?

AMC_TWD_Gallery__Zombie_Gallery_28521.jpgThe first season made the show explode in popularity, not only because it stayed true to the comic books for hardcore fans, but also because it was downright impressive. Every zombie was dressed from head to toe in makeup, the performances were genuine, and it came through with the amount of gore. Merchandise was already in production, you could get Walking Dead mugs, lamps, and even blankets!

What went wrong? There was a drastic change between season one and season two. The director of season one, Frant Darabont, was fired. Right after promoting the show at ComiCon, the show runner was let go, and the cast and crew was shocked. AMC also cut the budget for the show and each episode, from 3.4 million to 2.75 million. AMC pushed for the seasons to be longer, more drawn out and make more money. The difference between Season 1′s 6 episode compared to season 2′s 10 episodes show this. The show became boring, filled with useless and trivial drama. walkingdead6.jpgFrom season 2 onward, it has been crawling at a snail’s pace, trying to draw in audiences with an few moments of excitement at the beginning of each episode, and ending with excitement, but fluff in between.

Has it changed recently? Some say the latest season has gotten back to it’s roots. Others are still waiting.


  1. Barret

    Personally I really like The Walking Dead but christ Season 2 had some really boring and slow episodes.

  2. Dennis

    Season 1 – Awesome
    Season 2 – Nothing
    Season 3 – To many padding episodes
    Season 4 – First half was good, second half was garbage

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