The Strangest Burger Combinations

Your basic burger goes like this: bottom bun, sauce, burger patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, more sauce, top bun. Voila, the basic burger. For most people, this would be more than satisfactory. But for some people, apparently this isn’t enough and they’re needing more. We’ve compiled an interesting list of the strangest burger combinations that we’ve ever come across (in case you’re in the mooding for changing things up a little bit), just to share with you just how strange burger fanatics can be.

The Strangest Burger Combinations

Pimiento cheese and tomato jam

Yup, cheese and jam. Not your typical Kraft Singles slice of cheese either, but pimiento cheese. The rich gooey cheese complements well with the sweetness of the jam coupled together with the salty burger patty, making this the perfectly flavored burger.

Brew Burgers

This may sound completely weird to you, but the way that you can cook chicken with beer, you can also do the exact same thing with your burger patty. Simply soak your patty with beer when cooking it to get that beer-like quality to the meat. You can also opt to cook this with cooking wine as well if you’d prefer a more winey taste as opposed to beer.

Blue Cheese

Yup, you’re going to use that stinky cheese on your burger for a nice and creamy finish. If you aren’t a big fan of the blue cheese, we would suggest giving Havarti a try instead so that you still get a zing to your burger without the stinky blue cheese quality to it.

Parmesan cheese and balsamic ketchup

Yup, another strange cheese and burger pairing for you! To get the best patty possible, we suggest making them from scratch and incorporating the parmesan into the beef patties themselves as opposed to sprinkling it over top after you’ve finished cooking the beef.

The Strangest Burger Combinations

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