The History Behind Blood Diamond


The movie based off the book, Blood Diamond, came out more than 5 years ago. The movie faces a huge problem that was happening in Africa years back and it addresses some of the things that still could happen in the future.

The thing with blood diamonds or conflict stones are actually real. The movie was set in 1999 in Sierra Leon in west Africa. Danny Archer, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is an ex-mercenary from Rhodesia and now is a contractor trading in blood diamonds. Solomon Vancy is a fisherman in Sierra Leone, and his family was torn apart by the fued between the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) militia.

The movie is set in the civil war in Sierra Leone, which was from 1991 to 2000 between the government and the RUF. It was a war over the nation’s diamonds. The RUF were famous for amputating villagers and recruiting young boys as soldiers.

The diamonds were sold at a high commercial value to other countries and the money ends up financing the war for weapons. The war was waged for control over more mineral and natural wealth. The money doesn’t reach the general population and it ends up in offshore accounts with the corrupt officials.

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