The Best Instruments To Boost Your Mind

By now, we all know that playing musical instruments are good for your mind (we did a whole post about it already, so make sure to check out why exactly this happens). But now we’ll talk about why some instruments are better than others, which will hopefully help you pick one that best suits your needs!

The Best Instruments To Boost Your Mind


This instrument is fantastic for hand dexterity. You’ll quickly learn that if you’re fingers aren’t adept to micro-movements (why haven’t you been typing and texting this whole time?! You should be a pro at small movements by now), then this may be a troublesome instrument for you to learn. However, learning it will actually make your life significantly easier. Not only will you stop tripping over you fingers whenever you’re doing small movements, but your fingers will also start to move faster. You can translate this skill over into your everyday life skills such as typing on a keyboard.


Or any wind instrument for this matter. You’ll be learning to increase your lung capacity. If you’re taking a breathe for every single note that you’re playing, the music just isn’t going to sound good. Let’s face it, we all have share a mutual hate for artists that get all breathy when they’re singing a song. So what makes you think that anyone’s going to enjoying listening to you spitting into the flute every 2 seconds?


You’ll be honing your skill for learning to tell the beat from a song. Although other instruments will also learn how to play a beat as well, the part of a drummer in an ensemble is to set the pace for the rest of the instruments. Which means that there is a lot of responsibility riding on your shoulders. So not only will you learn how to properly guide everyone, but you’ll understand what it’s like to lead a team!

The Best Instruments To Boost Your Mind


  1. Marcellus

    I play organ, so I have to play with both hands and feet. My brain must be exploding with activity then.

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