The Best Creatives Pick The Best Of 2013

The end of 2013 is here and we have some amazing work to show for it again this year. Who doesn’t love looking at amazing and inspiring work from the past year? We can only hope to be just as great and have our own work be picked for next year!

D&AD, the organization that promotes excellence in design and advertising worldwide has collected a group of some of the world’s best known creatives to name their favorite pieces from 2013. Here’s what they picked!

Jessica Walsh

Jessica picked Experimental Jetset’s identity for the Whitney Museum for her favorite.

Iain Tait

Executive creative director at Google Chrome Labs chose Philips Hue and the connection with the “If This Then That” App.


Photographer Ranking picked “Fashion Film” by Matthew Frost, which is a funny parody film of the fashion industry.

Dan Wieden

As chairman of Wieden+Kenny, Dan Wieden chose Barton F Graf 9000′s climate name change campaign — which involved changing the names of hurricanes to political leaders that don’t believe in climate change.



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