The Avengers 2: What Should We Expect?

The Avengers 2 is coming out next year in April, and we can’t wait for the second movie to come out already. It’s only going to get better from the first Avengers, which made history in all of film with its $100 million debut. The second Captain America scene ended with a scene of two kids locked in cages. They seem to have super human powers — one is a kid that has super speed and the other seems to have telekenisis. The two are known to be referenced to something that happens in the next Avengers already as told by the Huffington Post.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, you can watch the clip here:

We already known that Captain America has a lot of ties to the Avengers. They are predicting that the next Captain America: Civil War, will consist of all of the Avengers pitting off against each other. The second Avengers will most likely have some scenes and/or plot points dedicated to that.

In the first Avengers, you can also see a brief sneak peak with the after credits:

The blue guy seen is Thanos, the most powerful evil lord in the whole Marvel universe. It seems that he was behind the whole thing that happened in the first Avengers. Could this signal that Thanos is coming to show his face in the second one? That would be pretty sick, considering maybe the only person that could defeat him is Thor. Maybe we’re gonna be seeing a more “Thor-centric” movie in the next Avengers.

In the end of Captain America, they also show the scepter — which could mean one thing — that the scepter is NOT going to be safe. Will it be released and will evil take over again? Well you’re going to have to wait until April, 2015 to find out.


  1. Fancis

    OMG what needs to be done in Age of Ultron, is have a cameo of Stan Lee as a janitor, go to the table were the Avengers are hanging out trying to lift Thor`s hammer, have him pick it up, clean the spot underneath it , then put it down and walk away!!!

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