The Art of a Catchy Song

When you hear a song, what makes it catchy? there’s a serious science and art that goes into creating popular songs that are guaranteed to make it onto the top billboard charts. No self respecting artist is going to try and make music that won’t be enjoyed by other people as well. After all, your audience is what pays you right? So the more that you get to listen to your music, the more successful you’re going to be!

The Art of a Catchy Song

Researchers studying the traits of catchy songs have concluded that there are 4 similarities in all songs that are well loved by everyone:

Musical phrases that are longer and have more words in them.

The breathe that a singer takes and the amount of words that are encompassed within the breathe is a huge factor as to how sing-along-able a song is. The more words there are on a song, the more likely we’re going to want to sing along with it.

Change is important.

If a song sounds the same the entire time, it’s not going to be catchy. The key here is to have at least 3 different pitches in order to make a song sound catchy. Think about it, no one really wants to sing a song if it’s monotone the entire time.

Unfortunately men do it better.

As sexist as it may sound, we’re more subconsciously wired to listen and sing along to male voices. Quite possibly because singing at the time was attributed to war cries.

Putting your back into it.

And although male voices are preferred, some effort is preferred as well. Higher pitched male voices with more vocal activity is likened over to deeper ones.

But at the end of the day, it’s important to note that not everyone’s mind works in the exact same way. So while this may be a general population formula, it won’t work/apply to everyone.

The Art of a Catchy Song

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