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Songs That Tell Good Stories

There are few songs out there that actually tell good stories when the market is saturated with mindless pop songs with lyrics like: “I really, really, really, really, really, really, like you.” There was a time when music was actually…

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Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head

There are scientific explanations for just about everything, even for when songs get stuck in your head. Picture yourself driving to work and listening to the radio, enjoying it and nodding to the beat. You park your car, humming the tune...

National Instruments You Never Knew

Are you ready for a cultural test? Perhaps you knew about these instruments and where they’re from, perhaps you don’t and will learn something. Loading the player …   Panpipes They are a set of chorded bamboo pipes that produces…


Best Britain’s Got Talent Moments

Britain’s Got Talent is one of the many singing shows that continues to surprise it’s viewers in many different ways. It is not like American Idol, where the first season is great because you get to enjoy all the silly…

Artists That Actually Sound Good Live

Artists That Actually Sound Good Live

Technology has always been a supporting role in the music industry, but it’s use has seriously blurred the lines between talent and money. It seems as if almost anyone can become a singer if they have the right connections and…

Amazing Youtube Cover Artists

Amazing Youtube Cover Artists

So many talented singers on YouTube break into the music industry and are picked up and signed with fantastic record companies, but for the other ones that have yet to be seen, we need for them to be heard. Literally….


The Evolution of Musical Instruments

It seems like the invention of music instruments came about accidentally. It is speculated that the invention of musical instruments depended on the materials available, and the stimulus came from the battlefield. No one knows where music came from, but…


Top 10 Movie Music Composers

10. Elmer Bernstein Making this list at number 10 is Elmer Bernstein for his magnificent work on “The Magnificent Seven” western. He has great range, working from To Kill a Mockingbird, to The Blues Brothers, to Ghostbusters. 9. Michael Giacchino He…

What Does Your Music Say About Your Personality

What Does Your Music Say About Your Personality

Everybody has their own personal taste in music, but what you listen to can actually say a lot about your personality. Here’s what we’ve learnt about what your taste in music says about you: Indie Fans of indie music are…


What Your Musical Instrument Says About You

Piano: You are incredibly hardworking and disciplined, however you never let that get in the way in connecting with others. You love collaborating and working with others, and you really value those who share the same interest as you. Guitar:…