Stein’s Gate — The Interdimensional World Of Time Travel


If you’re a real sci-fi lover, and you enjoyed titles just as Puella Magica Madoka and Dr. Who, then you would love this anime. Stein’s Gate — a short 25 episode anime begins with a crazy mad scientist who calls himself Houien Kyouma, and he tries to invent a time machine. The premise of the show isn’t exactly original — but let’s get deeper into why we love it.

In the beginning you’re introduced to Houien, who seems to be kind of an asshole, but he does care about 2 other people in his life — his other lab members, Mayushi and Daru. Their “lab” is nothing more than a small apartment with 1 washroom, a tv, a couch and some really random “inventions”.

You’re not really fond of the main character at first, and you’re left wondering why a lot of stuff happens during the first half of the show — but the spectacular part is that it all clicks together in the end.

The first half isn’t the best — it’s slow and dreary, and you’re just introduced to all the characters. It’s a buildup of the characters’ personas (though we think it should’ve been done in a better way). But the second half leaves a lot to be desired. We get introduced to ultra scientist, Makise Kurisu, who’s just as gorgeous as she is smart.

Together with a whole gang of unique characters, the viewer gets a lot fonder of everyone and you really get into their role in the plot.

The buildup wasn’t the best but the second half is pretty amazing. You got your tears and your romances and your humour. This anime is great for anyone that wants something different, or something with a mixture of everything. It’s great at what it is, and we can’t recommend it enough to everyone else.

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