Star Wars Universe Lightsabers

Star Wars is a massive universe compiled of a great trilogy, many different books, a tv series, and a not-so-great-trilogy that people would rather forget. With the new trailer for Star Wars Episode 7, we are introduced with a new kind of lightsaber that has caused much controversy. Where did this come from? The last time we saw a new lightsaber in a trailer was for Star Wars episode one. How many more are out there?

Obviously we have the standard lightsaber, the one we are familiar with, and the one most used. But in the beginning there was the protosaber. They were primitive and needed an extra external battery pack to power them. However with the inclusion of the focus crystals integrated in the newer lightsabers, these protosabers went extinct.

lightsaber2The famous double bladed lightsaer used by Darth Maul was introduced in The Phantom Menace“In combat, your mind tries to keep track of each blade separately, effectively doubling the number of possibilities. But the two blades are connected: by knowing the location of one, you are automatically aware of the location of the other. In actual practice, the double-bladed lightsaber is more limited than the traditional lightsaber.” -Blademaster Kas’im.

In The Force Unleashed video game, we were introduced to the guard shoto. It was especially useful when defending against other lightsabers, but a loss at giving powerful attacks.

In Star Wars: Episode Two, we were first introduced to Count Dooku, who wielded the curved-hilt lightsaber. It offers precise flexible movement, and the slight change in the grip confused opponents and caused their arms to be lobbed off.

The long-handle lightsaber is a twist on the traditional Jedi lightsaber, used by Darth Chratis.

lightsaberWe also have the lightsaber pike. This is a lightsaber used like a halberd or spear. You remember the Jedi temple guards? They used those during the clone wars.

The dual phase lightsaber is a tricky one. It appears like a regular lightsaber, but it can extend further with a simple activation. However it required a tremendous amount of skill when constructing. Another long lightsaber you should know is the Lightclub or a great lightsaber. It is 3 meters in length and used only by large beings.

The lightwhip is a very rare Sith weapon. Used with multiple focus crystals, it allows the lightsaber to move freely.

And finally we have the Darksaber, an ancient black blade used by the Jedi in the old republic, and stolen by the Mandalorians in their wars. Pretty cool!


  1. Sam

    Ideally I would like a lightsaber that omitted say Gamma rays rather than any wavelength on the visible spectrum, because I feel like having an invisible lightsaber would give me a pretty good edge. If not that probably blue because I prefer the combat style to force stuff and any other colours of lightsaber (apart from red) are a lie.

  2. Colin

    I heard that the only reason the purple lightsaber was invented, was because Samuel Jackson wanted a purple one to differentiate his lightsaber from everyone else’s

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