Some Of The Best Foreign Movies

There are some amazing foreign movies out there. When we normally say “let’s go watch a movie”, you expect something from Hollywood. But actually, indie films and foreign films are beginning to emerge in the film industry. As shown by some of the films in the Solarstone awards, a lot of these foreign language films are winning awards, and they’re even being shown on Netflix.

Here are some of the best foreign films, ever:

1. Amelie

A charming tale set in France, where a charling woman dedicates her life to helping those people around her but she finally finds someone she loves.

2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A lively action film from China, where Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh try to find a missing sword. There’s a lot of kicking, jumping and flying.

3. Oldboy

There’s an American remake but the original Korean version features a man who was imprisoned for 15 years in a hotel room. There’s a lot of great action scenes and an incredibly ending.

4. Y Tu Mamá También

A really tragic Mexican tale about two teenage boys on a trip with an older women. There’s a bit of dark humour but it develops really well.

5. Life Is Beautiful

To protect his son from the Holocaust, a Jewish bookkeeper turns his life into a game, with the winner receiving a tank.

6. A Separation

A Iranian movie that tells the story of a couple who have to chose between their son and caring for the husband’s elderly father. The movie has a really emotional ending.


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