Some Amazing Business Card Designs

For any time of business, you would need a business card. It’s not often that people keep these business cards though… so how do you design one that is memorable and lasts forever?

Some of these well designed business cards are on the top of our lists. If we ever got them we would definitely put themaway for safe keeping (or maybe we’re just artsy farts like that).

Tell us what you think and which one is your favorite!

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  1. Nita Khangari

    creative. connective .commendable.

    Hats off to Culture Magnet for sharing awesome stuff every single time!

  2. Liona

    The credit card business card is a win for me. Love the simplicity yet creative and special.

  3. Azreal Gabbana

    One thing I’ve noticed about business cards is that they go all visual and minimal these days. And it is an effective approach actually. People sure love what’s new and trending now these days. I like how these guys apply their brilliant ideas for their business card designs.

  4. Eric

    SOmetimes I find that people actually get annoyed if your business card to too out there. I prefer the simple kind

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