Saying Yes Please! to Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler’s novel Yes Please! just recently dropped, and we’re head over heels obsessed with it. Why, you ask? Well let us wax poetic of the reasons why we’re saying Yes Please! to Amy Poehler.

Selling it as a memoir, it’s more like a tell all of the comedian’s life. Going across the span of her life and career, we’ve learned that Amy is a learned woman that has many life lessons to share. Some tips such as “Calling people ‘sweetheart’ makes most people enraged.” are typical things that we know, but don’t always really acknowledge.

Saying Yes Please! to Amy Poehler

But besides just that, we’re loving how candid she is about her life. She’s shared some of her own sex stories as well as sordid ones in the past and even stories about her doing drugs. Come on, even the straighest edge in us has done pot at lest once in our life!

Another thing that she shares with us is her acceptance to understand that she isn’t cut out to do everything. Even though some women like to think that they’re the master of it all, Amy has realized that sometimes, others are better than you at a partiular aspect. But beyond just that, we’ve grown to respect the fact that Amy likes to take chances in order to try out new experiences. She’s not shy of risks, especially if they’re risks that could potentially lead to her dreams coming true.

Her candid tell-all is exceptionally invigorating and motivating to read. It doesn’t read like a fantasy novel of a perfect life, but rather all of the trials and tribulations that she’s had to go through in order to have the life that she likes. Which proves that although Amy is a megastar, she’s just like the rest of us – still normal inside.

Saying Yes Please! to Amy Poehler

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