Pulp Fiction Guess Who? Board Game


Relive your childhood dreams with this amazingly designed Pulp Fiction version of the ever-so-popular board game “Guess Who?”

The original game is a game where two people face off. Each get their own character piece board — you have the characters flipped up and you get a whole crowd of characters that have different physical traits. There are a some old people, some fat people, people with red hair, people with blue eyes, and the list goes on. You each randomly pick a character that’s represented as the “who”. You get a card, and each person takes turns asking back and forth yes or no questions like “Does your character have black hair?” From the clues, you flip down or keep the character cards on the game boards.

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It’s a great fun game for kids — but a customized version of the adult version is here. Quetin Tarantino’s ever so popular Pulp Fiction is brought to life in a Guess Who? version of the game. It has all the characters in the style of the original game, with careful note of the nose size, mouth size, and eye color to make sure it’s like a working version of Guess Who?.

The highlight of the game is the outer box, which is the same as Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase. It includes characters such as Vincent, Jules, Mia and lesser known ones like Lance and The Gimp.




  1. Jason D

    you shouldn’t have done this.. the Does he look like a bitch? comments are approaching

  2. Ronaldo

    I’m laughing so freakin hard. I’m dead Im dead. Lolololololol Brett looks like a bitch

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