Our Final Thoughts On Breaking Bad (Finale)


Breaking bad just has its season finale and we were just wow-d.

The academy-award winning television show has broken so many rules, it has caught us surprised, and it has exceeded all our expectations.

The show started off with a rather slow start and no one expected much out of it. From seasons 2-3 there was so much buildup and it got rather boring in parts. The development of the characters was actually rather neccessary to feel like the finale was worth it. The viewer really gets connected with the characters — whether it be through pity, guilt, anger, or annoyance.

When you’re starting off watching the series, there are some rather dry parts, and espisodes (especially the Fly). But to fully be immersed in the experience, go through the whole thing. It’ll be worth it.

You know the acting is amazing when you can’t see Walter as himself outside of character anymore. Ah, Walter is one to talk about. The mad genius that tugs at our heartstrings, yet hell hath fury. The ending was perfect for Walter, and we don’t think it could’ve happened any other way.

Jessie — he finally got his relief, and his change over the entire series has been astonishing. He’s real. He’s someone you can’t help but feel sorry for. His ending was justified, and we’re griefing with him throughout the whole thing.

Mike: The only really likeable character by the end. We were shocked by what happened, and pretty disappointed (in a good way).

Hank: Again, good ending we never expected. This show is full of shockers isn’t it?!

Saul: Well, let’s just say we’re so glad that he has his next show in the works.

The whole series has been amazing, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

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