Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Premiere

Enter the world of Piper Chapman. The gorgeous soon-to-be-wife is living the perfect life with her hubby, Larry Bloom (played by the adorable Jason Biggs from American Pie) until she gets a notice that she’s being sent to prison for something she did 20 years ago with her ex-lesbian-lover Alex Vause (Laura Prepon).

The hit show on Netflix is debuting today and all the episodes from season 1 are going to be up on Netflix. The show is going to be similar to the other Netflix originals, where they get released all at once per year. The great thing about this is that any Netflix subscribers can binge watch the whole season at once without having to wait a few weeks or a few months for the whole show to be done.

What we have in store for Piper this season:

Last season, she was punched out and the last thing we knew was that she was being sent to solitary for the fight. The epic ending leaves us wondering, why is she there and why are they detaining her for so long? You get to follow her trip as she gets moved prisons to some really sketched out prison where it’s a mixture of men and women, and she has no idea why she’s being sent there.

Then suddenly, she sees Alex in the same prison. She’s actually on trial for her drug indictment. But then when Alex tells her to not testify against her, despite her best choices, Alex does it anyways and Piper gets stuck behind in prison taking the full blame of it. So she’s angry that her ex ratted her out, and she gets sent back to prison and her daily life and drama with the whole crew continues. So we’re super excited for what’s about to happen. Is the baby going to grow up right with the prison guard? Is Alex ever going to be vengeanced for what she did?

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