Odd Drinks From Around The World

Odd Drinks From Around The World

You’ve probably already heard about snake wine and a myriad of other crazy things that people put into their alcohol from around the world, so now’s the time to highlight other weird drinks that you probably may have never heard of but would like to try one day!

Kimchi Pop

There’s a Japanese company that turns beloved Asian flavors into bubbly drinks for you to enjoy. Some of their flavors on tap are wasabi, teriyaki and even kimchi.

Peruvian Viagra

Or also basically a frog smoothie, live frogs are banged against counters until they’re rendered unconscious or dead. They’re then thrown into a blender along with maca, some honey, aloe vera and a hot bean broth. The concoction is then straight into a milkshake like result and kind of stings when you drink it.

Panda Poop Tea

If you can make coffee from the beans harvested from civet poop, then you cab make tea from panda poop, right? Some calligrapher in China hypothesized that panda poop has tons of nutrients in it since their metabolic processes only really pull about 30% of nutritional value of the food that they eat. He then plants tea plants in the poop and grows them to be sold off.

Cow Water

Yes it’s a liquid, but don’t mistaken it for water. It’s straight up cow pee that you’re drinking. Created by the Hindu’s who worship cows as revered individuals, they swear that cow urine carries curative properties and drink it for their health.

Odd Drinks From Around The World

Bird’s Nest

Popular in China for its rejuvenating properties, these are nests made out of spit from birds that make their nests out of spit. When their saliva hits the air, it turns into this cement. Scavenging for these nests has become such a booming industry that some of the nests are taken when eggs are still inside of them.

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