No, We’re Not Hanging Out Without You Mindy Kaling

No, We're Not Hanging Out Without You Mindy Kaling

In Mindy Kaling’s newest novel, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”, we really have to answer the question that no, no we’re not.

This obsevational-style essay novel about her life in words is fascinatingly interesting to read. She not only dishes on sordid details about her sex life (but no worries, it isn’t as grotesque as other peoples’ memoirs may be), but on how she grew up being a little bit of a chubster. In fact, she even helps to define the word of a chubster. She shares with us her insecurities, how she was bullied at school, and how sometimes the non “IT” girl can transform into something that every single girl has at least once in their life dreamed of – being a star.

Obviously we’re not going to torture you by giving you every single detail of what’s included in the book (it’s your job as a reader find that out yourself) but we can definitely say that Mindy’s strong sense of whit that we see constantly on television is never missed in the book. You can read through her dialogue that she’s a strong and hilariously funny women. But the answer to it all is no Mindy, we’re not hanging out without you.

No, We're Not Hanging Out Without You Mindy Kaling

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