Netflix’s “Sense8″ TV Review

J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowshkis are at the helm of this story. Eight strangers have a deep connection to each other, but that’s not all they have. In this new series brought to you by Netflix, we have a mix of sci-fi, melodrama, and action. The story being chaotically, but intentionally. It jumps from place to place, and from character to character. It reminds us of Cloud Atlas, but with superheroes.

WachowskisThe production team is situated over nine cities, with the Wachowskis, Tykwer, Dan Glass and James McTeigue sharing the directional responsibilities. The actors do a very good job, they are not caked with make-up or prosthetics like in Cloud Atlas, and their accents are on point.

The story follows 8 people who are share a psychic connection, that comes and goes in random moments. There is Chicago police officer Will, San Fransisco transgender activist Nomi, London-residing DJ Ridley, Mumbai pharmaceutical rep Kala, Berlin safecracker Wolfgang, Mexico City moviestar Lito, Seoul businesswoman Sun (who is also an underground fighter), and Nairobi bus driver Capheus. It may seem a bit extreme for these characters to all exist in the same show, but it works.

The Wachowskis are not new to convoluted plots, but this series handles it with a little more care that the Wachowski’s previous work. It also feels purposeful, like the directors really cared about their projects and really focused on why they were creating this story. It truly shows in the hard hitting moments of this TV series.

sense_s1_035_h_2040.0The Wachowskis bring a lot of needed attention to the science fiction and fantasy genres when it comes to progressive thinking. However as of recently, they have had a hard time trying to balance silly and sublime. It seems like with Sense8, this problem has finally been solved. We’re giving this a positive review.

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