National Instruments You Never Knew

Are you ready for a cultural test? Perhaps you knew about these instruments and where they’re from, perhaps you don’t and will learn something.

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They are a set of chorded bamboo pipes that produces two tones separately is made from pieces of sliced cane. They are all placed side by side in order of size, going from longest length to shortest. They are closed at one side and played by blowing across the top of the instrument. It is the national instrument of… Ecuador.

12tarnetar-019The Nose flute

A flute, made form one single piece of bamboo. Three holes to blow in with the nostrils and mouth, and a couple of finger holes. Give up? it’s from… Polynesia.

The triple harp

A harp with no blades or levers, a rows of three strings. The outer two are tuned in a diatonic scale, and the inner one is tuned to the chromatic scale with an extra semitones. Where is it from? Wales.

Mbira1The Thumb Piano

A plucked lamellophone, which is consisted of staggered key attached to a board. It also has a halved calabash gourd as a resonator. Seems pretty complex doesn’t it? It’s from Zimbabwe.

The Guitar

You know what a guitar is, you’ve probably played it a couple of times. But do you know where it’s from? This fretted stringed instrument is with a hollow body and a soundboard comes from… Argentina.

The Didgeridoo

A very long, straight instrument without any finger holes, it is traditionally made form the trunk or thick branch of a tree. It sometimes has a rim of beeswax around the blowing end, and required circular breathing. This fascinating instrument is from down under… Australia.

zither_voigtThe Zither

Finally we have this interesting instrument, a stringed instrument with a soundbox. It has strings stretched across it, with four melody strings and never any more than fifteen accompaniment strings. This one comes from… Bavaria.

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