Most Anticipated Shows This Summer 2015

This Summer is looking really good for TV shows. There have been many rumours in the past, and it looks like we’re finally going to see some of those rumours, that turned into facts, that turned into hype, become revealed.

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Aquarius from NBC

Beginning May 28th at 9pm, this show will have David Duchovny, Grey Damon, and Emma Dumont. Duchovny is back on the screen, but this time he is a man at law. And he is investigating a mysterious figure named Charles Manson. He is paired with a rookie, so you know this’ll be a good time.

Ballers by HBO

ballers.15.16 PMStarring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Enough said. Ballers is basically Entourage but for the football world. The Rock is a retired NFL player trying his hardest to navigate through life after being on the field. Coming June 21st at 10pm.

Hannibal by NBC

The third season of Hannibal bring Mads Mikkelsen back, along with Hugh Dancy, Caroline Dhavernas, and Gillian Anderson. After stabbing an FBI agent and fleeing to France, Hannibal settles down, literally. Little does he know that Graham is on his way to search for him. Opening June 4th at 10pm.

Scream by MTV

mtv-s-scream-tv-series-won-t-involve-ghostface-jpeg-157410Willa Fitzgerald, Ben Taylor-Klaus, and John Karna are in this show based on the beloved 1996 slasher. Based on our favourite scary movie, we don’t know eactly how we feel about it. In the series, a viral video on YouTube serves as the window to a series of murders that slowly uncovers a small town’s past. And it’s dark. COming out June 30th at 10pm.

True Detective by HBO

This time, Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are in this series. The show returns with new stars and a new location, Ventura County. Not much is known besides Ferrell with play a corrupt police detective and Vaughn will play a career criminal. Coming June 21st at 9pm.


  1. Sam philips

    Golden age of tv?

    Remember the years that all these shows were on

    The Wire
    Wil and Grace
    Prison Break
    Las Vegas
    Family Guy (when it was still funny)
    Drake and Josh
    Fairly Odd Parents
    24 (the good early stuff)

    This was the golden age (for 90s kids anywho).

  2. Brian McAdams

    the average people love stereotyped unoriginal show that doesn’t make em good, was the roman arena a good thing …. no but the small people loved it…. same with those crappy tv show made to entertain the small people. And the small people aren’t the brightest in the world.

  3. شات كورة‬‎

    we really are in the golden age of television ?!
    Really? … the GOLDEN age of television ?!

  4. Rachel

    Lost redefined television, let’s be honest. I def think it’s the reason all of these epic shows have sprouted up in recent years!

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