Missy Elliot Releases Her First Single in 3 Years

1149472As announced on Twitter not recently, and teased on TV and her Instagram account, Elliott dropped “WTF (Where They From)” which is her first single in three years, after 2012′s iTunes exclusives “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat,” and a set of singles meant for her cancelled album Block Party.

Missy has been missed on the music scene. When she came on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year, the Internet exploded in appreciation. The next day, Twitter was swamped with young people asking who she even was and articles celebrating her for almost stealing the show from Katy Perry. The person most taken back  by the huge massive show of love was Elliott herself.

She took to Twitter and said “Tbh I didn’t realize how much I was missed til last night.I’m crying y’all 4give me I just can’t stop thanking God & y’all”

The futuristic styled music video was co-directed by Elliott and colleague Dave Meyers, whose work incorporates the hit song “Work It”; “Pass That Dutch”; and “Lose Control.” The music video for “WTF” is also dominated by choreography, and elements Elliott dressed is a mirror-style outfit, breakdancing puppets, and a Hoverboard Segway.

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