James White & His Tribute To The 80′s


James White, aka Signal Noise, has been an amazing artist that has been around for the past decade — one of the great fathers of Photoshop (though we don’t think he would like being called that).

James started off as a kid growing up with some of his favorite action figures from the 80s like the army soldiers and some comic heroes and WWE wrestling heroes. His art heavily reflects that which he admired as a kid. Although he wasn’t fully a graphic artist when he was young, he even dabled in UI and web design, he ended up on the path that has made him who he is today.

It began with some WWE action figures he posted up — a series he calls StarKade. His style is full of bright, vivid colors and bold, chromic letters. He also emphasizes that because printing in the 80′s were not perfect, his images are all “washed out” with a purple/blue overlay and textured with some grungy brushes.



After he got his hit of recognition (though he was already a pretty popularized artist by then), he started up creating his own sets of movie posters — including one for Drive. They are available for sale on his website, as well as on his Cargo Collective website.


James White, you truly are an inspiration to us all. You remind us to keep doing what we love, and keep doing what we believe in. We are proud to say that you’re one of the most motivating speakers, and that we all hope to achieve that level of talent as you did.


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